Damoves Toddler and Pre-schooler Dance was developed by Carly Verkerk-Wassenaar.

Carly followed her training at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag and earned her diplomas at the Theatre School, education in Jazz and comedy musical dance in Amsterdam. After completing her training, she danced in Paris for three years with Rick Odums International Jazz Dance Company.

She worked with toddlers at a crèche in Amsterdam and inspired by this work in combination with her passion for dance, she started DansPeuterDans 10 years ago. A little later DansKleuterDans was born fort he pre-schoolers.

“Young children love to be in the spotlights, for some children this is a little less natural. But when especially this shy child succeeds to overcome his hesitation by getting to know his body in just a few weeks, then something happends where I as a teacher can’t get enough of… The child is being rewarded by the group with a huge applause, you can see such a child literally grow. The teachers work, together with the child on it’s self-confidence, the child will enter into ‘the big world’ with definite backing!”

Currently all the activities have been brought together under Damoves Peuter- en Kleuterdans, as Amsterdam Moves!

Address Studio

Studio Damoves
Damoves Toddler & Pre-schooler Dance
Eerste Jan Steenstraat 103
1072 NG  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Business info

Damoves peuter- en kleuterdans
DMVS.Amsterdam B.V., Carly Verkerk-Wassenaar
Eerste Jan Steenstraat 103
1072 NG  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone +31-20-3031178

Email carly@damoves.nl and office@damoves.nl

Email for suppliers bv@dmvs.amsterdam

Chamber of Commerce (The Netherlands) 74453866

Damoves is a registered trademark, licensed to DMVS.Amsterdam B.V.