Directly free spots

Do you want to come and dance right away? Then we have these directly free spots in the following classes and at the following locations:

At this very moment we do not teach class at our locations due to the virus and the safety of our pupils and their parents. We miss teaching very much and will start again as soon as we are allowed!

But Damoves also has good news to share with you. Since our closure due to all measures that have been taken towards the COVID-19, we film weekly digital (online) classes for our students.

AND YOU CAN JOIN IN AS WELL!! After buying your class in the webshop you receive an e-mail from us with some explanation and a link to the class. You can watch the class and dance along whenever you want and the link expires on Sunday night.

These online classes have been super well received bij our students, they just can’t get enough of them. Just saying 😉

About the online class:
The online class does not differentiate from a normal class except of it not being in the group.
There is a warm up, a theme part and a cooldown. The class is more compact and takes about 30 minutes, so that we can keep the full attention of your child. The theme is in line with the perspective world of your toddler or pre-schooler. Sometimes we add a ‘bonus’ to the class, to give you and your child something extra in these strange times.

This is where you can go get it:
You buy your online dance class in where you can choose between a single class (€12,50) or a package of 10 online classes (€100)*.
We have a class for toddlers age 2-4 years old and a class for pre-schoolers age 4-7 years old available.

As soon as we can re-start the dance classes on our six locations and with the groups, we will do that. At this very moment we are placing children from the waiting list on the free spots for as soon as we can start again! So if you want to join in: sign your child up soon!!
*If you child is on our waiting list already, you benefit from another rate.
See you in dance class!

Sign up right away?

Send us the subscription form through our website (homepage) or give us a call now at 020-3031178.

Place your child on our waiting list?

No free spot on the days of your preference available right away? Then send us your subscription form as well, as we will have a free spot for your child to come and dance soon!
Send us the subscription form through our website (homepage) or give us a call now at 020-3031178.