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Online classes during 2nd lockdown

At the moment we give the dance classes online! Are you not yet taking class with us, but would you like to join an online class? Then click here!
You can join on every day of the week. Nice if you participate and hopefully see you soon in the live dance class…

Directly free spots in online ánd live classes:

Two year olds:

All two year olds classes are full at the moment. Subscribe your child through the form below.

Three year olds:

Tuesday Kinderkookkafé Vondelpark 11:45-12:45 h
Thursday Kinderkookkafé Vondelpark 11:45-12:45 h

Four and Five year olds:

Monday Studio Damoves De Pijp 16:30-17:15 h
Wednesday Studio Damoves De Pijp 13:15-14:00 / 14:15-15:00 h
Friday Studio Damoves De Pijp 15:30-16:15

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