1. There is no free spot at the day and location of my preference. What will happen with my application?
When there’s no free spot at the day and location of your preference, we will place your child on our waiting list. We will send you a message as soon as a free spot pops up. During the dance season there are 6 moments you can start:
September: start of term 1
End of October: after the Autumn break
January: start of term 2
End of February: after the Spring break
April: start of term 3- Beginning of May: after the May break
Are you flexible? Then you can start on another day and as soon as a free spot pops up you can change to the day and location of your preference. Actually then you are lucky, because you will start on a with a discount!

2. How long is the waiting list and when do I know when there’s a free spot?
We try our absolute best to place every child, as soon as possible, on the day and location of their preference. It’s difficult to say how long the waiting list is. Some days are more popular than others so it depends on the day. It also has to do with the amount of children that will not continue dancing the next term and how many free spots that will create. We will call or e-mail you as soon as there’s a free spot for your child!

3. Do I have to pay the application fee if there’s not immediately a free spot at the day and location of my preference?
Signing up for our waiting list costs 37,50 euros application fee. If you pay the application fee we will know for sure that your child is willing to join our dance classes. That way we keep our waiting list as ‘clean’ as possible. After we received the payment of the application fee we will send you a welcome package at home. Note: a refund of the application fee is not possible.

4. What are the prices of the classes?
You will find the prices of the classes here.

5. Why do the prices vary per day?
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are discount-days. Because the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are popular days with longer waiting lists, you will get a discount if your child will start dancing on Monday, Tuesday of Thursday!

6. Why are there two trial classes?
The two consecutive trial classes are meant as an introduction to Damoves, before you subscribe your child for the whole term. It’s very normal if your child first watches how things are going and is not directly participating.  You will stay during the first trial class and during the second trial class for 20 minutes. The second trial class your child knows what to expect and will feel more comfortable!

7. Can I stay during the classes?
Is your child going to dance with us for the first time? Do not worry about your child getting used to the classes! You can stay during the first three classes. Usually we notice that the children are well adjusted after three times. We see it more often that children will first watch how things are going before they entirely participate, and that’s ok! We strive to reduce the presence of the parents within three classes, in consultation with and under the guidance of the teacher.
The first class: you will stay during the whole class. That way you can see how it goes and if you and your child like the class.
The second class: you will stay until after the warm-up, about 20 minutes. All parents say goodbye to the children and will leave all at once. This works best and ensures clarity for the children.
The third class: you will stay for 10 minutes. All parents say goodbye to the children and will leave all at once. This works best and ensures clarity for the children.
If the children notice that the parents will be back after an hour dancing, everything will be fine. The children have a lot of fun together and they are so proud when they danced by themselves for an hour and can show you their well-deserved stamp!

8. Is there an open class?
At the end of term 1 and term 3 you are welcome to join the open class to see what the teacher and the kids have done during the classes the past few months. They will show you little bits from the previous themes.

9. What does my child have to wear during the dance class?
Some children like to wear a leotard. Sweatpants and t-shirt, or loose clothing is also fine though. In case of hygiene and safety, ballet shoes with a soft sole are obligated in dance class. It’s OK if you don’t have ballet shoes during the first two trial classes. If you decide to continue dancing after the second trial class you can easily buy ballet shoes with the teacher in class or on our webshop. For the most beautiful leotards, ballet shoes and tutu’s of great quality, go to our webshop!

10. Why are ballet shoes obligated during the dance class?
Because of the hygiene (at every location people will, sometimes, walk with their outside shoes on the dance floor and in case of foot fungus) en safety (anti slip socks make the floor even more slippery), wearing ballet shoes is obligated in dance class. At our webshop you can find ballet shoes in several colours!

11. What are the children doing during the classes? And do they dance different styles?
During the classes we work with a theme that is supported by a book and drawings and is translated into movement. The children learn different dance styles: modern dance, classical ballet, musical and jazz dance. The theme’s change every three weeks and it’s connected to their experiences and perceptions. Within every theme we work on their gross and fine motor skills, coordination, strength, musicality, expression, confidence and mostly having fun! Do you want to know about which themes we are dancing? Please do take a look at Instagram and Facebook.

12. Which kind of music do you use during the classes?
Because we work with different themes during the dance classes, the music we use is also very diverse. Piano music, music from different countries, drum music, film music, pop music; music the children will not often hear at any other place.

13. How long is one term?
There are three terms in one year:
The first term starts in September after the Summer break, and lasts until the end of December (15 classes).
The second term starts in January and lasts until the end of March (11 classes).
The third term starts in April and lasts until the end of May (12 classes).
You’ll find the exact dates of the terms here.

14. Are there classes during the holidays?
During the school holidays there are no classes. You’ll find the exact dates of the school holidays here: (link). During the Summer break there are summer classes for which you can sign up your child.

15. Is the class always taught by the same teacher?
During one term, the classes are always taught by the same teacher. In case of sickness or extraordinary circumstances, the class will be taught by a different teacher. This is always another teacher from our team and you will be informed about it as early as possible.

16. Can I follow classes on different days and/or locations?
We think it’s important to have a stable base for your child. We think it’s important for your child to bond with the other children and the teacher so he/she will feel comfortable. Therefore we don’t suggest to take classes on different days and/or locations. It’s possible to catch up a missed class on another day or location.

17. Can I switch days during the term?
If the day on which your child dances doesn’t work out for you for whatever reason, please let us know. We will often find a suitable solution. Because many of the classes are full, it is possible that your child cannot change immediately. In that case we will place him or her on our waiting list and send you a message as soon as a free spot pops up

18. What should I do if I’m not able to come to class?
The teacher would like to know which children will be in her class, that’s why we would like to hear beforehand if your child will not be able to come to class. You can reach us by sending an e-mail to office@damoves.nl or you can reach us on telephone number 020-3031178. Sending a text or whatsapp is also fine. Our cellphone number is 06-15285841.

19. Can I catch up a missed class?
It’s possible to catch up a missed class (with a maximum of two) in the term itself, on another day and/or location, if there are free spots. We would like to hear from you beforehand if you want to catch up a missed class, by e-mail of telephone, so we can inform the teacher about it. Missed classes cannot be refunded. The teacher and location have been paid for and the spot is reserved for your child.

20. Why do I receive an e-mail to finish my registration after the second trial class?
After the second trial class you will receive an e-mail from us to finish your registration. Here you can fill in an extra telephone number, any specific details (physical disabilities or allergies) and the option to choose for automatic withdrawal. You also agree with our terms and conditions. It’s important that you read it carefully in advance. Does your phone number change? Please let us know so we can reach you in case of emergency.

21. Can my child bring some treats when it’s his or her birthday?
We would like to say yes to everything but to this question we make an exception. Rather no treats in dance class when it’s your child’s birthday. Many of the young children we teach do not eat sugar. Some children are allergic to certain ingredients or nutrients. We don’t want disappointed children in class, so if it’s your child’s birthday we will sing out loud but rather no treats.

22. Is my child’s photo going to be taken and posted on social media?
Not without your permission! There can only be photos taken with the permission of every other parent and the teacher, so be cautious with photos of other children on social media. If we want to use a photo where your child’s face is visible, we will always contact you for permission.

23. What do I have to do if I do not want to continue dancing?
New pupils decide after the second trial class if they want to continue dancing for the whole term.
You will sign up your child for a (full) term (or until his or her 4th or 6th birthday). Because most of the children continue dancing after one term, your child will automatically be signed up for the next term. If you want to unsubscribe your child for the next term you can send us an e-mail.
To unsubscribe your child in between a term is possible, but only if we can place a new child in the free spot you receive a refund of the fees. If we do not receive an e-mail, your child will be automatically signed up for the next term! So you don’t have to re-register your child again if your child wants to continue dancing.

24. What is the policy in case of (kids) diseases?
Corona-virus: We accurately follow developments. Just like with other (infection) diseases, we follow the advisement and guidelines of the RIVM and the GGD. Keep updated with their precautions and keep an eye on their websites. You can find our COVID-19 policy here: Information about Corona / Covid-19
Other (kids) diseases:
We follow the sickness policy according to the GGD, but mostly use our common sense. Just like in day-care, kids can come to dance class when they have a kids disease. Provided that they feel absolutely good! Which means as much as: your child has no fever and doesn’t feel cranky or clingy. Be available for when the teacher calls you when it doesn’t go well in class. Don’t bring your child to dance class if it has a fever. This is what we say about the most frequent kids diseases:
-Chicken Pox: Your child can come to dance class, also with the blisters, he or she must feel good though (see above). Risk of contamination is there already (a week) before the little blisters appear.
-Running ear/infected eye: Like a running nose or common cold, a running ear and infected eye are contagious. Contact with the fluid can cause infection. Bring to class a package of paper handkerchiefs and call your doctor for advise.
-5th/6th disease and hand- mouth and foot disease: Just like with chicken pox, the risk of contamination is already there before the first spots appear. Staying home is not necessary, unless you child feels unwell.
To do to prevent contamination…
-A good hygiene of the hands is always important: keep the nails of your child short and clean. Wash your child’s hands often, also in between the fingers and around the nail cuticals, an extra time when your child has a cold or is sick. Note: Hands are washed well only when you have been counting up to 20!
-Teach your child to cough and sneeze inside the elbow instead of in the hand.
-Use paper handkerchiefs for a running nose or ear and for wiping off the mouth.