Suzanne Zeegers

Damoves teacher Suzanne ZeegersDamoves teacher Suzanne Zeegers.

Suzanne Zeegers graduated in 2010 at the Fontys Dansacademie in Tilburg. After graduating, she was part of the Holland Show Ballet for years, played in childrens’ musicals and performed at many other events. In 2015 she started HALTE; a production house with a focus on location and educational theater. She creates and produces her own performances and workshops for children in primary, secondary and special education.

”Since September 2016 I have felt completely at home as a teacher at Damoves. Besides my activities on stage, I love to transfer my passion for dance and movement to new generations. And in my opinion, you cannot start early enough! To let children enjoy their freedom, to discover and have fun together in a safe environement… that is what I go for during the classes. As a teacher I’m enjoying the fun and playfulness of the children and that makes it a joy for me to work with them every time!”